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'This is the message we have heard and proclaim to you, that God is light; and in him there is no darkness...'

1 John 1:5

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Worship and music


Beechworth Anglican Parish in North East Victoria worships in the Anglo-Catholic tradition. In worship, prayer and daily life we seek to live out the message of Jesus Christ: of a God of generous and all-encompassing love for all.

Our congregations and ministry celebrate and sustain the rich musical traditions of the Anglican Communion. We sing a setting of the Eucharist composed by former lay reader Mark Stephens, arranged by Christ Church musical director Sandra Williams and named in celebration of the life of Mark and Wendy Stephens' son, Matthew.

Christ Church also has a fine colonial-built pipe organ, a ring of six bells and grand piano used for services and for a regular concert series that helps to maintain these instruments, support the fabric of our buildings, and contribute to the culture of our communities.


Service times



Our Lady of Walsingham

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