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'...It is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it grows it...becomes a tree, so that birds come and perch in its branches.'

13 Matthew 32




Christ Church Beechworth's churchyard garden is shaded by some mighty trees. These include:

  • Quercus suber, a significant cork oak, growing near the Ford Street entrance adjacent to the rectory

  • Cedrus atlantica f. glauca, a towering Atlantic cedar

  • Araucaria bidwillii, a bunya pine, or bunya-bunya, endemic in south-eastern Queensland

  • Two Brachychiton populneus, or kurrajong


These trees have been listed by the Beechworth Treescape Group, a community organisation of dedicated volunteers passionate about preserving and maintaining Beechworth's historic treescapes, and included in the 'Church walks' section of the group's Town Walks brochure.


The garden also features memorial plantings, an avenue of Pyrus ussuriensis Manchurian pear, and a pair of Cupressus sempervirens Italian or Mediterranean cypress, both of which were advanced in a 1915 photograph taken for a Rose Series postcard. One has since been replaced.


Inside the church, symbolic representations of flowers, fruit, vines and leaves are shown in memorial windows crafted by colonial and later Victorian stained glass makers Ferguson and Urie, William Montgomery, Mathieson and Gibson, Ferguson and Papas, and F. and R. Mitchelson. Click on each image for information.


Beechworth Treescape Group

Indigo Shire Council
Ray Brown and Stained Glass Australia

Christ Church Beechworth: Quercus suber at the churchyard entrance adjacent to the rectory
Christ Church Beechworth: Quercus suber (cork oak) towards the church tower
Christ Church Beechworth: Quercus suber (cork oak) by the rectory fence
Christ Church Beechworth: Cedrus atlantica f. glauca (Atlantic cedar) endemic in Morocco's Atlas mountains
Christ Church Beechworth: Araucaria bidwillii (bunya pine) below the vestry
Christ Church Beechworth: statue of the Virgin Mary near the memorial wall
Christ Church Beechworth: Flowers and vines surround the Agnes dei (Lamb of God) at the foot of the chancel Christ in glory central window
Christ Church Beechworth: Foliate scrolls in the window of St John
Christ Church Beechworth: Leaves in the border of one of the diamond-paned windows
Christ Church Beechworth: Lilies within an ogee, or perhaps stylised pomegranate, on St Paul's tunic in the eastern chancel window
Christ Church Beechworth: Representations of pineapple in the hem of St Cecilia's gown
Christ Church Beechworth: arabesque star-and-cross with oak leaves at the compass points and strawberry leaves in the borders
Christ Church Beechworth: vine, leaves and grapes in the Morrah window
Christ Church Beechworth: arabesque star-and-crosChrist Church Beechworth: Foliate scrolls below St Cecilia's feet
Christ Church Beechworth: A laurel wreath girding the writings of St Paul
christ church beechworth unimelb archive  'beechworth photographs range 1865-1890_edited.j
christ church beechworth historic image_edited.jpg
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