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'Ring out, ye crystal spheres! Once bless our human ears, if ye have power to touch our senses so...'

John Milton 1608 - 1674


About us


Anglicans have celebrated faith and life in Christ Church Beechworth and St Jude's Eldorado for more than 150 years. We worship in the Anglo-Catholic tradition and in prayer and daily life we seek to live out the message of Jesus Christ: of a God of generous and all-encompassing love for all.

Our shared ministry serves the Beechworth and Yackandandah parochial district congregations of Christ Church Beechworth, St Jude's Eldorado, Holy Trinity Yackandandah, St Paul's Allans Flat, St Andrew's Dederang, St Mark's Tangambalanga and St Aidan's Tawonga and their communities. Our parishes are among 23 that make up the Anglican Diocese of Wangaratta.

Safe Church


Beechworth Anglican Parish maintains the Anglican Church of Australia's Safe Church standards in policy and practice. These standards are detailed on the Anglican Diocese of Wangaratta website.



Reverend Matthew Healy 2022 -

Reverend Gunnar Rippon 2021 -

Reverend Bill Squire 2021

Reverend Thomas Leslie 2016

Reverend Bethley Sullivan 2013

Reverend Sue Hall 2013

Reverend S. Eisemen 2009

Reverend R. C. Beattie 1992

Reverend Michael Komer Giffin 1990

Reverend Warren Charles Graco 1985

Reverend Bruce Hancock 1984

Reverend David Lamont 1984

Reverend Malcolm Crawley 1972

Reverend R. E. D. Hull 1959

Reverend John Shields

Reverend Robert Ford 1952

Reverend A. B. Brown

Reverend L. W. Bull 1933

Reverend William S. Dau 1927

Reverend A. F. Falconer

Reverend James E. Stannage

Archdeacon Richard H. Potter 1900

Reverend G. Pennicott 1897

Reverend Canon Thomas W. Serjeant 1893

Reverend George Cross 1885

Reverend W. Corbett 1863

Reverend W. R. L. Bennett 1860

Reverend C. Searle 1855

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