The Beechworth Bells

Christ Church Beechworth is fortunate to have a glorious ring of six bells in the tower.

Installed in 1994, the Beechworth Bells were the first ring of bells installed
in a Victorian country town.

The bells are rung every Sunday, and for funerals, weddings, and certain special events.
The parish also has a set of handbells, which are occasionally rung for special events.

Change ringing practice occurs on Monday evenings, from 6pm. 

New members of the Parish Bell ringers are always welcome.
To find out more, contact the parish.

Tower Captain: Lloyd Beattie

The Bells:
1.       “St Mary”  note: B            weight: 1cwt 2qr 21lb  cast: Whitechapel Foundry, May 1993
Donated by the Albury and Wangaratta Bellringers in appreciation of Bishop Beal’s ministry.
2.       “Henry”  note: A               weight: 1 cwt 3qr 12lb    cast: Whitechapel Foundry, May 1993
Donated by Rob and Ruth Smith, in memory of Henry Russel

3.       “Little Ben”  note: G        weight: 1cwt 3qr 24lb     cast: John Taylor Foundry, 1958
Donated by Derrick Darby 
4.       “Nancy Collins” note: F# weight: 2cwt 0qr 11lb    cast: Whitechapel Foundry, April 1993
Donated by the Collins Family in memory of Nancy Collins.
5.       “Bobby” Note: E                weight: 2cwt 3qr 27lb   cast: Whitechapel foundry, April 1993
Donated through the Christ Church Beechworth Robert Hull Bell Appeal
6.       "St Aiden" (Tenor) Note: D weight: 4cwt 0qr 25lb   cast; John Taylor foundry, 1958
Donated by Ron Shepherd